Colours of a woman is mainly an international meeting of female painters who are very close to each other in the field of thoughts and feelings, yet very far in a sense of geography. It all takes place in a beautiful environment of a Hradec nad Moravicí palace.

On 30th August 2014 we came there from four different parts of world – Japan, Georgia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

There was Ana Lagidze representing a young generation of artists from the area of lower Kaukasus, Takako Morishita, a tiny sensitive female painter of abstract and hypnotising canvases, Lesya Demchenko who is Ukrainian by origin but lives in Turkey and who wasn´t granted visa to come personally (yet at least her paintings arrived, thus visitors were given the chance to admire her vivid paintings cut into cartoons), and Martina Trchová alia the local organizator of the whole happening. An exhibition in the gallery of White Tower, a day full of workshops, music (a concert by Martina Trchová Trio) and other amusements were parts of the programme.

Thanks to the server Startovač we gained support of many fans who helped us to organize it all. Thank you very much!

And how did this idea come up?

„Last year when we all met in a town of Trazon in the eastern Turkey during a painters´ symphosium Femin & Art, I discovered an unbelievable piece of world which absorbed me completely. I thought it would be nice to bring a piece of that all to our place, to Czech Republic. Then I wandered into the very north-east of our country and I discovered a picturesque chateau of Hradec nad Moravicí, where it´s not only beautiful, but also full of people who love art. It all fitted together so perfectly that I decided to invite the fourt most interesting female painters to Czech Republic.“

You may find an interview with all the artists in ČRO Olomouc in a broadcasting of Eva Stryková called Guest on the way.