Colours of woman is an artistic formation of four women from four different parts of the world, four different perceptions of the very same world, four different art approaches, yet a very common artistic concept. Their exhibitions are a meeting of something formally very remoted, yet very close under the surface.

Four women – four countries. Czech Republic, Georgia, Japan, Ukraine.

Martina Trchová´s world of art is an unique kaleidoscope of colourful pictures of people, events, places. Very broad spectrum of topics as well as techniques are a mirror to a bottomless lake of life which the artist opens for her audience. the diary´s reports and sketches created during her journeys are fascinating and evidence-giving and they depict time-settled events around. Besides solely watching the rapidly changing reality, she´s also able to contemplate and go deeply in philosophy. A serie of pastel drawnings called „Flies“ unfolds her fascination of insects´ mystic spiral flight straight into the light, which causes the insect´s inevitable death. Thus millions of creatures end up their life in a bright blaze which should bring about life rather then death. Linocuts have lastly been the predominant technique of Martina Trchová and she prints them unrestrainedly on differently coloured papers. Multiplied expressions in differently coloured variations remind of the Warhol´s pop-art and bring about not only various looks of the very same motive but also a complete  colour collection multiplied in those colourful combinations.

Japanese artist Takako Morishita unfolds in her paintings a very profound and sensitive entry into a world of emotions using colours and its mild shadows. Her abstract drawings and recently also wavy paintings bring about energetic vibrations of colours. Thus colour and its intensity are the main media  here, yet these might also carry a sound information. Her paintings play and sing quietly and touch the very essence. These are mainly the peacefull acrylics which brings the viewer into a contemplation and meditation.

The Georgian artist Ana Lagidze is an outstanding representative of the youngest Caucasian generation who continues the traditional local art, yet goes beyond the topic considerably. Ana was enthralled by the technique of work with felt, however contrary to traditional craft she´s much more individualistic in her creations. Her wavy paintings are based on her expressive drawings which oscillate between abstraction and real scenes.  Shining colours in combination with black contours are characteristic for her work.

The Ukrainian painter Lesya Demchenko, who has been living in Turkish Istambul over a long period, is the most interesting thanks to an artistic technique invented by her. Her paintings are unique by the fact that they are created first by cutting into cartoon boxes and then  they are painted into the incurred relief. The agressive entry into the material is thus mildened by a paint, yet it still offers its „prolapsed viscera“ and impresses by the 3D effect. In the paintings one could see the typical wave-like cartoon filling which is used by the artist for rendering the space. At the same time she pulls some of the cartoon pieces out and sticks them in a different place. She has also been using textile remains lately. Despite a rather expressive process of creation her paintings give very decorative and even naivistic impression.