„One could think that Martina Trchová is not just one woman but that these are at least four women in total. Four original artists.“

 ● A very talented songwriter who writes melodious and hit-like songs, which are not too complicated, yet clever. Songs fragile and strong at the same time which remain long in your head – however, they are not intrusive in any sense. If Czech radios were worth something, she would be the Czech Alanis Morisette. Just listen to her two author´s records „Freshly painted“ and „This is how the wolves howl in me“ and you will admit I´m right.

 ● An amazing, sensitive and sought-after singer. Those who experienced songs of Zuzana Navarová performed by Martina during a show where she together with Adam Kubát paid honour to this grand songwriter and a woman, they found out that if done with humbleness and in a professional way, such things do have sense. One might remember The Remembering of Zuzana Navarová in a palace of Hradec nad Moravicí, where astonished visitors shared their intense impressions that Ms. Navarová was there with them when Martina was singing…

 ● Painter and artist. Nowadays probably the most honoured artistic side of Martina. She brings her poetic soul and fragile perception of world into her paintings and this all combined with a talent and humbleness creates outstanding and impressive pieces of art, as many people could already get to know during many of her exhibitions all around the country.

It´s quite easy to getinto the world of Martina´s paintings, but it´s rather hard to step out of it…

● Traveller – you might ask what this has to do with art…Much. Because Martina paints there, where we, the less talented, only take pictures. In this way beautiful diaries from her journeys come up, such as the one from her lonely pilgrimage to Santiago, Banat area and many other places, as you can see here on this webpage. And to bring about some more connections – in a middle-of-nowhere school in Himalayas Martina not only taught the kids painting, but also playing the guitar.

During my writing I discovered even more Martinas, for example Martina the Organizer. It´s enough to mention the extraordinary international meeting of female painters „Colours of a woman“ in the palace of Hradec nad Moravicí. During this happening she also exhibits her paintings there, she sings there with her band and for the first time she arrived there on foot, taking a pilgrimage with a backpack on her back. So it all inteconnects and we will have to believe that all these hard working artists of many skills are hidden within one woman.

A woman who is extraordinarily hard working, but also modest and humble, who likes to listen to other singers and authors, who helps other artists and who keeps on searching. And this is something very precious, humbleness is something very rare to find with such strong personalites as Martina is.

Browse this webpage slowly and carefuly…it is a reflection of Martina´s T. world, or at least it is a tiny piece of various paintings, shapes and colours creating her world.

Vašek Müller


Martina Trchová portrét